The ancient greek concept of a builder, as described by the word “tekton”, was of a craftsman who could do a little of everything – carpentry, stone-cutting, furniture-making, even shipbuilding.  The ancient tekton is the equivalent of a highly skilled, modern-day handyman.  It was regarded as a respected trade.  A good tekton was highly esteemed within the local community, and considered very clever.

Likewise in all our services, we try to think like a tekton when engineering the cleverest solution to any given set of constraints – design, cost, time, etc.  Cleverness combines science, artistry, skill, economy, and simplicity to synthesize a workable solution.  Within this paradigm, we strive for the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction.

It is in the spirit of the ancient tekton, that we offer the following services with respect to the craft of structural engineering:

  • Structural Design & Analysis
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Observation
  • Design & Coordination Review
  • Building Evaluation & Restoration Studies
  • Owner & Tenant Improvements
  • Earth Retention Systems
  • On-Call Property Management Needs